Raising funds for the American Heart Association


The Big Joe Challenge is named in honor of Joe Tierno, Sue’s husband, Jen, Joe, Jim and Julie’s dad and Kathleen’s brother-in-law who unexpectedly passed away from heart failure on October 1, 2011. Most importantly, Joe is a fun-loving guy who truly did have a big heart and we all miss every day on so many levels. We are more than confident that he has been a powerful force with us every day of our journey with Suzy’s Swirl!

When we opened Suzy’s we wanted to do something to honor Joe in a fun and meaningful way – we came up with the idea of the Big Joe’s Challenge!

Essentially, the Big Joe Challenge consists of the following:

  1. Consume 64 ounces of yogurt

  2. Consume 8 ounces of toppings

  3. Consume all of the above in 20 minutes or less

  4. You win – you receive a Big Joe T-Shirt and your picture on our wall of fame!

  5. You lose – you donate 20.00 to the American Heart Association

  6. A couple of rules: you cant leave your table, you have to keep everything down, you have to do it alone, and of course we will be cheering you on!

Many of have tried the Big Joe Challenge and a few very courageous winners have emerged – our first winner was Eric Johnson! The Big Joe Challenge is available any time we are open and for anyone who is BIG enough to try!

Please visit us at our Lake Bluff location to participate.