A Story of Frozen Desserts, Family & New Beginnings!

Chapter 1

Suzy’s Swirl is truly an American dream of triumph, heart and passion. It is also the story of family  brought together to take a dream and make it a reality in spite of a personal tragedy.

Suzy’s Swirl started as a conversation between Kathleen Wood and her brother-in-law, Joe Tierno, over 25 years ago. Both had a passion for restaurant business since they were kids, growing up in the Chicago suburbs. In 2011, Kathleen and Joe made the decision to take their conversation to the next level and begin the journey of making their discussion a reality.

The partnership was ideal. Kathleen was a 30-plus-restaurant industry leader with a long and successful track record of building profitable restaurant companies. Joe had over 25 years of contracting experience. They both agreed that, beginning in 2012, building the next great restaurant chain would become a focus for both.

On October 1st, 2011, Joe unexpectedly passed away, leaving his wife, Kathleen’s sister, Sue, and their four children. The loss for Kathleen only served to intensify her mission to make their dream a reality.  The picture included was a family picture taken at our nephew’s wedding two weeks before Joe’s passing – Joe is the smiling guy to the far right.

The journey toward developing Suzy’s Swirl created the opportunity for Sue to re-energize her successful career in sales and marketing. Together, the two sisters found a new passion for not just opening one location, but a new vision of creating a new model of business that would make the pursuit of the American Dream affordable and accessible.  As the journey continued Sue’s daughter Jen become a partner in the business bringing her successful background in retail management experience to the growing team.

Chapter 2

June 2nd marks 4 years at Suzy’s Swirl and we are so grateful for all of our the support we have received from all of our super customers, our amazing communities and of course our crew of Super Swirlers! We are so grateful for all of the support and so excited to be celebrating our first Summer at Suzy’s Swirl we are celebrating with Suzypalooza – our way of saying thank you and let’s all enjoy a Summer of Swirls!

We also wanted to take a moment and catch you up with our journey and provide another chapter in the story of Suzy’s Swirl. We thought the best way to share was to share what drives us every day and that is our vision and mission.

Our Vision
Re-ignite the American Dream by being the absolute best “famchise” for frozen goodness, exceptional service and active community involvement.

Our Vision in Action
The first milestone in our Vision is support 100 Families (however you define it) in business with a Suzy’s Swirl famchise!

What We Believe – What We Do
We are passionate and proud to:
Swirling Goodness for our Customers
Swirling Greatness for our Crew
Swirling Gratitude for our Communities

Swirling Goodness – High quality products, extraordinary service and exceptional cleanliness with every swirl
Swirling Greatness – living the American Dream through positive work environments that create job, career and franchisee opportunities for success and financial reward.
Swirling Gratitude – we are not just one restaurant in the community we are THE community’s restaurant. We are that extension of family, friends and community.

We are truly looking forward to a Summer of Swirls and will have a few more chapters to write as we lead up to our 4th Birthday June 2nd!

From our family to yours we are thankful and grateful for your support and look forward to seeing you swirl soon!