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Action for Happiness

Can you believe today is August 2nd?! Many of us are still working from home, some of us leaving our homes to work and the majority of families are figuring out how your kids are going to go back to school! It’s still a lot!

In the midst of these daily challenges, let me introduce – Action for Happiness! Action for Happiness is an amazing website that helps people take action for a happier and kinder world! The website has positive happy nudges to make each day a bit happier! From Zoom calls, calendars and short reads all happy ways to bring happiness to you and others around you!

At Action for Happiness the month of August has been called Altruistic August! Altruism is the principle and practice of happiness and concern of others. The way of the world today, we are thinking so much of ourselves and forgetting about the importance of bringing happiness to others! Action for Happiness has a wonderful calendar you can print to remind you of one simple action to bring Happiness to anyone each day! They also have a version for kids too! Today’s suggestion is – Send a positive message to someone you can’t be with! Easy!

Today, take a minute and check out Action for Happiness. (

You can even download an app on your phone and get Happiness/Positive affirmations each day! So nice! In a world where life can be so challenging, take a moment for a little Happiness!

Keep Calm. Stay Wise. Be Kind.


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