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Christmas Traditions

Merriam-Webster Dictionary has one of the definitions of Tradition as, the handing down of information, beliefs and customs by word of mouth or by example from one generation to another without written instruction.

Each year my Mom would make Christmas Cookies! She used the recipes from her Mom’s Sugar Cookies, White Meringue with Mint Chips and Spritz Cookies! My sister’s and I have continued this Tradition. Each Christmas Eve, the Italian side of my family, has a dinner that includes the 7 fishes! I have a friend that makes Oyster Soup on Christmas Eve, just like her Great-Grandparents did!

On Christmas morning, before anyone could go downstairs, my dad would have to go downstairs first! He had to make sure that Santa had left the house and everything was ok! I have continued that tradition, even now that my kids are all in their 20’s!

Traditions are a wonderful way for us to bring those memories of the past and celebrate them in the present!What are your Christmas Traditions? What will you hand down to the next generation? Whatever they may be, I hope they bring peace, joy and a smile to your face during this Christmas Season!


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