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Happy New Year

Sundaes with Sue

Happy New Year Everyone! We are 6 days into the beginning of 2019!

How’s it going for you? Are you excited about all of the possibilities this year can bring? Are you stressed out by everything that has to be done this year? As I like to say, “focus on one event at a time – don’t get too overwhelmed by everything and always remember, this is just a moment in time!”

I have always thought of the New Year as an automatic re-set button. It’s like I’m breathing in this fresh air for the first time and the chaotic-ness of the holidays is over, the clouds have parted and I can see clearly again! I try to eat healthier, work out a bit more, get to bed earlier and be on time more!

I’m really excited about 2019! My daughter Jen will turn 30 and my other daughter Julie will turn 21! Suzy’s Swirl is going to be celebrating its 5th Birthday this year too! Many, many, many more exciting possibilities at the store too! I am definitely going to be celebrating this year!

I hope you will continue to celebrate all things big and small with us at Suzy’s Swirl! I am excited about all of the new and exciting possibilities for the New Year! Don’t worry, we’ve got 359 more days to figure out 2019 – don’t be stressed – stressed backwards is Desserts!

Desserts = Suzy’s Swirl


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