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Happy Valentine’s Day!

This weekend is a trifecta of celebrations! We have the Lunar New Year, February 12, Valentine’s Day, February 14 and President’s on February 15. This weekend is filled with so much positive energy and love!

The Lunar New Year was on Friday, February 12th. This Lunar New Year ushers in the Year of the Ox. The Ox, in Chinese culture, is a hardworking zodiac sign. It usually signifies movements and change, so hopefully this year will have more positive changes in it!

There are so many legends behind Valentine’s Day. One legend says that St. Valentine defied an emperor’s orders was secretly marrying couples to spare the husbands from going to war! The first official Valentine’s Day Card printed in the USA was in the 1800’s! Ever since Valentine’s Day has been associated with cupids, hearts and love!

The third Monday in February has been declared President’s Day. This is the day we honor the Birthdays of our first President, George Washington and also the Birthday of Abraham Lincoln. President’s Day now honors all Presidents who have served the United States of America.

Each of these celebrations have such rich and meaningful histories! As much as our world has changed and continues to change, it brings joy to know that these holidays stay the same!

As we celebrate these holidays, I wish you all good luck, good health, good cheer and a Happy New Year. I wish you all an abundance of Love and Happiness! May we all remember the amazing collection of leaders that have gone before us!

Love is the Beauty of the Soul

St. Augustine


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