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Schools out for the Summer!!

It’s here, finally school is out for the summer! Finally, no more homework, tests, parent teacher conferences or getting up at the crack of dawn! It’s time to relax, relax, relax!!

When my kids were younger summer vacation was so much fun, or was it really??? It started with everyone just chilling out for a few days! From there the kids started swim lessons every morning and then moving into summer baseball and summer soccer! Then we always had a planned summer vacation trip of camping and fishing! I thought I had it pretty well planned out with a good balance of go-go-go and chill out time. But, after 2 weeks of summer vacation the kids would be bored!

What do you do? We had play dates, visited the library, movie nights and sleepovers! Summer vacation meant that we could all stay up later, sleep in and try not to be too scheduled!! Most of all I tried to just relax! Summer vacation seemed like it was soooo long!! Although, it really does go by so fast!

Take it from a seasoned Mom – relax with your kids this summer vacation! Don’t over plan them or you and enjoy this time together! This is also a great time to get some one on one time with your kids too! Most of all keep it simple! A sprinkler, water balloons, picnic lunch in the living room and a walk around the block are simple and easy fun! Because at the end of the day all your kids really want is to spend time with you!

Don’t forget to add a trip to Suzy’s Swirl during your summer vacation too! We are swirling sweet summer flavors and have new toppings such as, cotton candy, mochi and yummy cereal toppings too! Summer Vacation + Suzy’s Swirl = Sweet Success!

At the end of the day, your feet should be dirty, your hair messy, and your eyes sparkling



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