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summer Vs Back to school

The stores are reminding us that back to school is just around the corner! It can’t possibly be that time already! It is the middle of July and it seems like summer is just getting into full swing!

At Suzy’s Swirl we have a few awesome crew members who will be heading off to college soon! They will be having their orientations, getting in touch with their new roommates and starting to pack things up! I shared the story of when my oldest son went off to college for the first time! We didn’t think about containers to transport all of his things, we had Walmart and Target bags and when we arrived at his college it was a pile of bags! I was so concerned that he had sheets, pillows and snacks that I forgot all about school supplies! College students still need notebooks, pens and pencils! Don’t forget!

I learned a lot over the years and by the time my youngest daughter entered college we had an amazing system! No more Walmart Bags – we had containers for everything! We were organized and she had school supplies! LOL! She also did this amazing thing with her hanging clothes – keep the clothes on their hangers and scoop them up from the bottom with a white kitchen plastic bag – tie up the hangers with the red plastic tie at the top! Once you get to your dorm room closet you can hang them up, untie the bag and now you have garbage bags to use! So smart!

Even as the back to school season is trying to creep in on our Summer, let’s try to get in as much Summer time as possible! There are still plenty of beach days, lazy days, sprinkler days and Suzy’s Swirl days left to our Summer! Summer is still going strong, we need to enjoy it and have fun each and every day of it!

A perfect summer day is when the sun is shining, the breeze is blowing, the birds are singing and the lawn mower is broken!

James Dent


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