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Suzy’s Holiday Spirits

Suzy’s Swirl is excited to debut the

Suzy’s Holiday Spirits Flavors

Moscow Mule, Pink Champagne, Blackberry Zinfandel, Crème De Menthe, Bourbon Caramel Gingersnap

Suzy’s Holiday Spirits lets you enjoy your favorite drink as a frozen treat!

How else can you enjoy Suzy’s Holiday Spirits;

Add a scoop of Moscow Mule to your favorite Mule

Turn your favorite Red Wine into a FRED – Frozen Red

Pour a Glass of Bubbly and add a scoop of Pink Champagne


Enjoy Suzy’s Spirits on its own

Make your next Holiday get together fun and unique

With Suzy’s Holiday Spirits!

Happy Holidays from Suzy’s Swirl!


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