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Thanksgiving at Suzy’s

Suzy’s Swirl has been Swirling for 8 years now! It’s mind blowing how fast time has Swirled by! When it came to our first Thanksgiving in business we wanted to do something special for our customers, what better way to celebrate than to offer an unbelievable Gift Card Promotion!

The Suzy’s Swirl Thanksgiving Gift Card Promotion is AMAZING! You buy a Gift Card and You get a Gift Card of Equal Value for FREE! Who else does that? If you buy a Gift Card for $50.00 you get another Gift Card for $50.00 FREE! We began offering this special just on Black Friday and over the years, due to customer requests, we now offer this special before Thanksgiving! Our new customers can’t believe they get FREE Gift Cards and our frequent Swirling customers can’t wait to stock up on Gift Cards for the entire year.

Suzy’s Swirl Gift Cards are great for stocking stuffers, teacher gifts or your mail carrier. But don’t forget the rest of the year! These gift cards are great for all of the seasons of the year! They truly are the Sweetest Card for all the Seasons!

This Thanksgiving at Suzy’s Swirl we are so Thankful! We are Thankful for our crew, they continue to stay positive and are able to pivot at a moment’s notice! We are Thankful for our customers, we are grateful when you walk through the door and we see your smiling faces! We are Thankful for our family, your continued love and support each and every day is unmeasurable! Suzy’s Swirl would not be here without all of YOU! In case we haven’t said it lately, “Thank You!”

Happy Thanksgiving!

“What is Today, we were just Grateful for Everything”

Charlie Brown


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