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Where is your favorite vacation spot?

If you could choose anyplace in the world for a vacation, where would you go? My mind starts to spin when I think of the answer to this question! Would I go someplace exotic and warm or would it be a historical desitination? Would I travel to Europe or would I stay in the good ole' USA! So many choices!

When I think of traveling within the USA, for me, there is still so to see! Being born and raised in the midwest, I've pretty much stayed within that region! I've been to Wisconsin and Florida numerous times. Most recently I've spent alot of time in California! I have been fortunate to travel to New York, Lousiana and Texas. The United States of America is woven together with many unique, fun and interesting places to see! There is still so much I need to experience and see!

I have had the opportunity of to travel outside of the United States too! My parents were big travelers! I wouldn't say it was so much to vacation, it was more business, they always packed alot into their trips! When I was in HIgh School, my parents took me and my sister Kathy, to England and Ireland. This was my first trip to Europe! I couldn't get over how old it was and so rich in history! Since then I have been able to travel to Italy, Greece and Croatia! Amazing places and still so much to see too!

It's been great seeing all of these amazing places throughout the world! The real part that made it amazing was and continues to be the people I am traveling with! To be able to share these experiences with my friends and family is what truly makes my vacations special and memorable!

Keep in mind that vacations don't have to big, far or elaborate! Stay-cations are equally fun and full of great experiences! Trying that new diner in your community, sitting outside and gazing up at the stars, taking a family walk and just hanging out together is perfect vacation too!

I'd love to hear back from you - where has your favorite vacation spot been? Especially if you have traveled to amazing spots within the USA! Let's be each others travel agents! I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

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