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We've got crave-able flavors you’ll be thinking about for weeks!

We like to keep it fresh, so we rotate flavors every few days.

Stop by and grab a cup of swirling awesomeness!


Lake Bluff Swirl
Root Beer Float Ice Cream
Hawaiian Root Beer
Coconut Carbolite

Birthday Cake Frozen Yogurt
Rice Krispie Cake
Rice Krispie Treat Frozen Yogurt

Cookies N Cream Frozen Yogurt

Chocolate Covered Strawberries 
Strawberry Frozen Yogurt

Watermelon Sorbetto
Island Oasis
Nemo Orange Sorbetto

Chocolate Ice Cream
Classic Twist
Vanilla Frozen Yogurt


Lake Forest Swirl
Rice Krispie Treat Frozen Yogurt
Sweet Snacks Swirl
Cookie Monster Frozen Yogurt

Birthday Cake Frozen Yogurt
Raspberry Dream Cake
Raspberry Dole Whip

Nemo Orange Sorbetto
Spring Break Swirl
Pink Lemonade Sorbetto


Looking for a specific flavor? Let us know below! 
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