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100 days until Christmas

This has been a busy week personally, professionally and in the world! I’m sure you can all feel it too! Then I hear there are only 100 days until Christmas! Yikes! You walk into Hobby Lobby, Michael’s and even Walgreens and they are all on board with Christmas being right around the corner!

Over the years I have tried to make my Christmas shopping a little bit easier! I would like to share a few ideas that I hope make your shopping a bit less stressful:

*Think of your gift giving like it was when Jesus was born (Jesus received 3 gifts – Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh). Your kids receive 3 gifts too (something they need, something to read and something they want)

*If you still exchange gifts with Nieces and Nephews and In-laws – purchase them all the same thing. Example – Monogrammed Blanket, Personalized Platter, Gloves-Hat-Scarf or a Back Massager.

*Who doesn’t like FOOD – especially if they are out of town family or friends! I love O&H Bakery out of Racine, Wisconsin – the best Kringles! Also, Wolferman’s, Portillo’s, William and Sonoma and Fruit of the Month Baskets make great gifts too! Don’t forget about Suzy’s Swirl Gift Cards too! – the sweetest gift ever!

At the end of the day, we all know that Christmas is on December 25th – it’s been the same date forever! Before it gets too late, take a few minutes and think of how you can take the stress out of your Christmas Gift giving! Most importantly, let’s try to make these next 100 days joyful, peaceful and less stressful for all!

Life really is simple, but we insist on making it complicated – Confucius


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