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12 Days of Deals


The 12 Days of Christmas is a Classic Holiday Carol! So Classic, that even the Muppets have sung the Carol. has estimated that it would cost $39,094.93 in 2018 to buy all of the gifts in the classic Christmas Carol! An increase of $450.00 from last year!

This year Suzy’s Swirl would like to celebrate the 12 Days of Christmas with our customers! It definitely won’t cost you 39K and it will definitely be much tastier!

Each Day, starting December 12th to December 23rd, Suzy’s Swirl be having a special bonus for our customers! Balloon Popping Specials, Christmas Bow Bonus, Hometown Hero’s and Stuffed Animals = Stuffed Cups! Check out our Facebook Page and Information in the Store to see what’s happening each day!

There won’t be any Turtledoves, Golden Rings or Maids a Milking at Suzy’s Swirl! There will be Smiling Swirlers, Happy Customers and Swirling Sensational Flavors at Suzy’s Swirl!

Have a Swirling Merry Christmas!

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