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19 more Days

It is hard to believe that Christmas Day is only 19 days away! So much to do and the days are flying by too fast! My intention is to enjoy and take in all of the Christmas warm feelings each of these 19 days!

Lake Bluff hosted their annual holiday event, It’s a Wonderful Life yesterday! It was a beautiful day for families and friends to be out strolling around and just enjoying the day! It was so much fun watching everyone read each page of the story, What Snowman do at Night at each window throughout town! You really could feel the holiday spirit swirling around! Suzy’s Swirl also had the cutest little Snowman Frozen Yogurt Cup too!

Now each day is going to be filled with finishing up the Christmas shopping, wrapping and starting the Christmas baking! At Christmas time my Mom always baked these amazing sugary minty meringue cookies. Today is your lucky day, I’m going to share this festive and yummy cookie recipe with you:

2 Egg Whites

¾ Cup Sugar

1 Bag of Mint Chocolate Chips

Preheat oven to 350 Degrees

Beat Egg Whites until Thick and Fluffy

Gradually add in Sugar until Stiff Peaks Form

Gently Fold in Chocolate Chips

Turn the oven off and bake the cookies for (1) hour

Don’t peak!

Enjoy these next few weeks! Try not to get too stressed out! If you do get stressed, remember stressed spelled backwards is desserts! Suzy’s Swirl is the sweetest place for fun treat! Stop in and say hi!

“The smells of Christmas are the smells of Childhood”

Richard Paul Evans


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