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62 more Days until Christmas

Can you believe it, is it possible, it’s crazy, 62 more days until Christmas! As I think about these next 62 days, I ask the following:

Do you shop all year round for Christmas Gifts?

Do you start shopping on Black Friday?

Are you an Online Shopper only?

Do you procrastinate until the final days to shop?

I personally, like to wait until September – October to start my shopping. I find that getting closer to the holidays puts me in the mood for holiday shopping! I certainly DO NOT like waiting until the day before to shop! Over the years I have found the more I can get done by the beginning of December, the less stressed out I am! I even have my gifts wrapped and under the tree before Christmas, except for the ones that Santa brings!

As my family has grown up, I have made some changes in how I shop for everyone too! For my kids, I try my best to purchase 3 things – something they want, something the need and something to read! I’ve also gone with theme gifts for everyone too! Last year it was all about games and popcorn, another year it was pajama’s and another was warm cozy blankets. I already have my theme gift idea for this Christmas, I’ll let you know after Christmas what it was, I know they are all going to love it!

I think trying to do as much a head of time is key! It’s so important to remember what the true meaning of Christmas is all about! Being able to enjoy and relax this time together is the greatest gift of all!

PS – Suzy’s Swirl Gift Cards are the Sweetest Gift to give too!


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