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Let’s Just Take a Breath – Ahhh!

Do you feel the excitement of the holiday’s in the air? Are you already getting stressed out with your to do list? Are you trying to find balance with work, family and friends? Do you just want to stay in bed until January 2nd?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, know you are in the same boat with so many people during this time of year! You are not alone with your feelings, stress and anxiety! That’s why I suggest we all just take a breath!

What if we try to flip all of the things that stress us out and give us anxiety and turn them into positive opportunities! First, let’s start with realistic expectations! Go ahead and make that long to do list, it will keep you organized! Know that you don’t have to get it all done in one day! Try to do a little every other day – celebrate the wins! Just take a breath and relax!

Use your calendar as your personal day planner. Make a date with your friends for dinner or a drink! You really do have time and it’s good for you to reconnect with friends. I have found that my friend’s lives are just as crazy as mine and, in some cases, even more! LOL! Take a break from all of the rushing around and have a family movie night! Have everyone block an evening out on their calendar! Pop some popcorn, get the cozy blankets out and watch a happy holiday movie! Just take a breath and relax!

A few other good ideas for the holidays, have a grab bag for Christmas gifts this year, try doing a potluck for Thanksgiving Dinner/Christmas Dinner, Christmas Eve Hors d’oeuvres and maybe think of a family/friend experience vs a lot of gifts. What are a few ways you have made your holiday’s easier?

Finally, just have fun and relax! As we all know, time is going by so fast! Enjoy this holiday season with your coworkers, friends and family! Rethink your expectations for yourself and others! Everything always gets done, don’t be afraid to ask for help too! Just take a breath and relax!

It wouldn’t be a Sundaes with Sue Blog if I didn’t include Suzy’s Swirl! Let us help you too, this holiday season! We have no bake frozen yogurt pies, quarts and pints, grab n go’s and Suzy Bucks for stocking stuffers! Stop in, sit down, take a breath and relax at Suzy’s!

“There is more in life then increasing its speed”

Mahatma Gandhi


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