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A little R&R at Suzy’s

One week down and only 11 weeks to go! Just in case you missed it Suzy’s Swirl is taking a 90 day R & R – Winter Break. During these 90 days we will be refreshing the store and working on getting our Suzy’s Swirl Spirit Pints onto the retail shelves. I have an entirely new appreciation for all of the wonderful products on grocery store shelves. It is not an easy process! It will be amazing when Suzy’s Swirl Spirits are on shelves everywhere for everyone to enjoy!

A few customers thought we were heading to Florida for the winter (I wish)! We have had a few customers stop by since we started our winter break! It’s been nice seeing you. It’s also been great receiving the good luck wishes for our success! None of this could be done without the continued support of our customers and community! Your understanding and patience is so very much appreciated.

Suzy’s Swirl will be keeping all of our friends and family updated on our progress via facebook and twitter. If you’re not a friend of Suzy’s yet, please join us! We have exciting events and plans for the Spring!

I have found that in life, things that are really worth it, are worth working hard for! That’s exactly what we are doing!

“The difference between try and triumph is just a little umph” -Marvin Phillips


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