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Back to School!

I can hardly believe it is that time of year again - Back to School! This summer really really did go by fast! I think we all say that every year, for some reason this summer seemed to go by in a blink! It was a beautiful summer filled with great weather, baseball games, time at the beach, time in the garden and fun get togethers with friends and family!

Now it's time to get back into the routine of school schedules! Who will your kids new teacher be, what neighborhood kids will be in the same class and what time does the bus pick up and drop off, these are few topics that most households are talking about at this very moment! Pulling out the old backpacks, pencil pouches and all of the leftover school supplies from the previous school year and the never ending school supply lists are now the most important to do's!

I remember when I was a little girl, my Mom would take me to Sears and I would be able to pick out a few new dresses, school shoes and a new winter coat! I was always so excited to wear a brand new dress on the first day of school with my shiny black shoes! Of course, the beginning of school wouldn't be complete without a fresh new haircut too! My parents always took our picture on the first day of school underneath the American Flag hanging by our front door! It was a nice tradition!

Fast forward to my own children and their first days of school, I've tried to keep those traditions alive too! Always a new outfit for the first day, new shoes and of course pictures being taken on the first day! It's nice that there can be some predictability in a very unpredictable world! Now that my kids are all out of school, I miss these days! Thank goodness for Grandchildren!

As this new school year begins, I hope all of the children going back to school have an amazing year of learning and growing! God Bless all of our Teacher's! A Teacher's job is never ending, they are a counselor, coach, friend, mentor and at times a second parent! As this school year begins, I most certainly hope and pray that our schools stay safe! A school is supposed to be a safe place to learn and that's it - let's all work together to keep it that way!

Don't forget that Suzy's Swirl is a great place to celebrate the first day of school or really for any day! Let us be your Happy Place! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for all things Suzy's! Enjoy the new school year with Suzy's Swirl!

Let today be the start of something Awesome!


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