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Beautiful Smiles

I miss seeing your beautiful smile! When you would get a genuine, really good smile it could change your entire day! Your smile can really reveal how you are feeling. Are you gritting your teeth through your smile because you are stressed, do you add a wink to your smile because you are being playful or is your smile just a genuine smile because you are happy? All of these unique smiles are covered up by required face masks!

Now that our smiles are covered up by our face masks, we are focused on people’s eyes! They say that our eyes are the “window to the soul”. There’s research that says our pupils change when we talk about things we are interested in, then change again when the subject becomes less interesting! Hmm! Research shows that when we’re trying to remember something we typically look to the left and when we are being more creative we look to the right! I’ll have to pay more attention to what direction my eyes are looking next time! LOL!

I really do miss seeing friends, family and stranger’s beautiful smiles! A Smile is a silent way of saying hello, excuse me or just a kind gesture! Smiles are priceless! I will never take for granted how much a genuine happy smile can mean to me or another person! I look forward to when we will all be able to let our Smiles shine bright for all to see! Until then, keep your mask on and keep smiling with your eyes for all to see!

“Nothing You Wear is More Important Than Your Smile”

Connie Stevens


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