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Big Joe Challenge

Sundaes with Sue

Knock Knock – Who’s there? – Joe – Joe Who? – Joe King (Joking)

It’s not easy finding jokes with the name Joe in them, well at least ones that are G rated! What’s not a joke is the Suzy’s Swirl Big Joe Challenge! On Saturday, March 9thSuzy’s Swirl is having an all day, Big Joe Challenge! Plus, we are working to raise $1000.00 for the American Heart Association!

Big Joe Challenge

64 oz. of Frozen Happiness

8 oz. of Toppings

20 minutes to Gobble it all up

If you don’t succeed, we ask that you donate $20.00 to the AHA

This is an eating challenge, it is a lot of Frozen Happiness, it is for a good cause! The CDC has stated some alarming stats on Heart Disease. About 160,000 people die from Heart Disease in the United Sates, 1 in every 4 deaths! Heart Disease is the leading cause of death in men and women! These are not good stats! Know your risk factors and know the signs! Together we can knock this disease out!

I don’t want to leave you on a low note, so here’s another knock knock joke: Knock Knock – Who’s there? – Sue – Sue Who? – Sue Prize!

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Big Joe Challenge, Saturday, March 9th All Day


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