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Big joe challenge

Sundaes with Sue

What is the Big Joe Challenge? Come into Suzy’s Swirl on an empty stomach, ready to consume 64 ounces of Frozen Yogurt and 8 ounces of Toppings in 20 minutes! Not too difficult! If you succeed you get your picture on our Wall of Fame and a one of kind Big Joe T-shirt! If you don’t succeed you donate $20.00 to the American Heart Association!

From February 1st to March 9th Suzy’s Swirl will be working on raising $1000.00 for the American Heart Association! Every customer can help

In our efforts! A customer can Buy a Heart to Save a Heart and come in on March 9th for our day of The Big Joe Challenge! You can also enter into a Raffle for a Year’s Worth of Suzy’s Swirl!

Now you know What The Big Joe Challenge is and you know When The Big Joe Challenge is, now you need to know Why! Why, why, why?! My husband Joe, passed away from Cardiac Arrest 8 years ago! When my family opened Suzy’s Swirl, we wanted to make sure that Joe was included! It was part of our mission at Suzy’s to give back! We couldn’t think of a better way then to give back to The American Heart Association!

We are calling all customers to come into Suzy’s Swirl on Saturday, March 9th and try The Big Joe Challenge! Don’t forget about baseball teams, football teams, golf teams…… can come to Suzy’s Swirl and see who can finish The Big Joe Challenge the fastest too!

Four Words:

What Can I Do? = The Big Joe Challenge!


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