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Bright Light in the Sky

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! For most of us in the midwest, today we are waking up to Sunshine! Can you believe it - the Sun is shining today??!! I don't know about you, it sure seems like it has been several days since we have seen the sun! This past week I think we have seen almost every kind of weather from sleet, snow, snow flurries, rain, warm temperatures back down to freezing temperatures! Yikes - that is Spring in the midwest!

There is a direct correlation between sunlight and our health! Sunlight helps boost a chemical in your brain called serotonin, and that can give you more energy and help keep you calm, positive, and focused. There is an actural disorder call seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and other types of depression linked to low levels of sunlight! Morning sun exposure has also been linked to weight loss, better sleep and an increase in Vitamin D. All we really need is about 10 - 20 minutes of sunlight each day to feel our best! I personally, prefer much much more! LOL!

Sunlight isn't a cure-all for everything, but it can make you feel happier! Even going without it can have a negative impact on a person! So try to make a point of sitting on your porch, reading in a sunny park, or going for a short walk around town to make sure your brain gets what it needs to help improve your mood! I suppose that's why those who live in states where the sun shines more could be happier! Florida is nicknamed the Sunshine State and California is nicknamed Sunny California!

Today, if you can, get outside and soak up some sunshine! You may need to bundle up, it's still chilly out there - at least the sun shining! While you're out and about - stop into Suzy's Swirl for a Sweet Treat of Swirling Deliciousness!

It's going to be a bright sunshining day!


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