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Caitlyn - Caitlyn - Caitlyn!

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

All of us at Suzy's Swirl would like to congratulate our General Manager Caitlyn, on her amazing 7 year run at Suzy's Swirl! Caitlyn began her career with us in May of 2014 when she was just a young teen looking for a job! Upon graduating from high school, Caitlyn began working fulltime at Suzy's Swirl and taking more interest in a leadership role! Wow - how she flourished in that position! Caitlyn enrolled at CLC to pursue an Accounting Degree and we also benefitted from her expertise with numbers and spreadsheets! This past fall Caitlyn graduated from CLC with an Associates Degree in Accounting and will continue her Accounting Education at the University of Arizona in Tucson in January!

The most fulfilling part of my job at Suzy's Swirl is when I get to meet and work with our amazing crew! For the majority of our crew this is their first real job! We are able to help them naviagate this new world of balancing work, friends, family and school! It is not an easy balancing act! It is also so amazing when I am able to witness crew members from different schools and towns become really good friends! I have been able to watch current and past Suzy's Swirl crew members still to this day staying in touch and going out together! These connections are what makes Suzy's Swirl such an amazing place to work!

So, as we say farewell to Caitlyn, it is not a good by! We look forward to seeing her in Arizona and also when she comes back to our area too! It has been my personal pleasure to work with Caitlyn and to have weathered the many changes and versions of Suzy's Swirl! Most importantly it has been an honor to get to know Caitlyn and at the end of this amazing 7 year run to be able to call her my dear friend!

All of us at Suzy's Swirl wish Caitlyn much success and happines in Arizona! We can't wait to hear all about it and I am sure she will let us know how sunny and warm it is in January when we are all freezing cold here in Lake Bluff!

You're to Great Places! Today is You Day! Your Mountain is waiting, So... get on Way!

Dr. Seuss


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