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Do you look at life with a glass half full or a glass half empty?

In complete tranparency, I am a glass half full type of person! I prefer to look on the bright side, I want to see the positive in a situation and also in people, I have faith that all things will work out! With that all said, I am also practical and honest, if there's no chance in hell it's going to work I'll let you know and if a person is truly a horrible human being I'll let you know too!

Back in September of 2012, Forbes Magazine published an article about seeing the glass half full and why optimists are happier and live longer. The opening paragraph struck me, remember this artlcle was published 20 years ago, it went like this:

Times are tough and many people are struggling to stay optimistic given the state of the economy, the insecurity of their jobs (if they have one), the size of their mortgage and the strain that puts on relationships at home. Maybe you are one of them, or maybe you know someone else who is having it tough......

Was this article a foreshadowing of where we are today? How crazy scary that those words still hold true for so many today, 10 years later! The article did go on to explain how being more optimistic during tough times can be very helpful!

The word optimism comes from the Latin word "optima" which means the best outcome or for the greater good. Each morning when you roll out of bed you have the ability, the choice to decide if you are going to look at the day with optimism. Will your day be a day with a glass half full or a glass half empty?

In the Forbes article they listed a few things that can help each of us be a bit more optimistic:

*When you wake, be thankful that your did, set your intentions for the day

*Do something outside of your comfort zone

*Reframe a problem into an opportunity

*Avoid energy drainers

*Carry yourself like an optimist

*Lighten up


Life is going to continue to hit us with some double whammies! If you choose to only see the negative, the bad and focus on what frustrates you, you will miss the positive and the amazing that is right there in front of you! Each day is not going to be perfect, although, each day you have the choice to make it better!

Final thought, a cup half full and a cup half empty are basically the same, it just depends on how you decide to look at it!

"You'll never find a rainbow if you are looking down" - Charlie Chaplin


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