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Do You Remember When You Turned 21?

It seems like just yesterday that I was turning 21! I remember going to my first bar and getting carded and was thrilled! I felt like such an adult that I could buy alcohol and walk into a bar and order a drink! Every now and then I still get carded, only because it’s the law at some stores – I’m thrilled when it happens!

This May my youngest child, turns 21! I can’t believe that 21 years have gone by so quickly! Turning 21 is such a rite of passage to adulthood! From a Mother’s point of view – I just want her and her friends to be safe and drink responsibly!

I did a little research on when Illinois created the legal age to drink to 21 years of age! Starting back in 1872 the age to drink alcohol was based on the age of the majority! What does that mean? Simply put, it’s when a minor is determined an adult and no longer needs their parents. In 1961 the age changed to 21 years of age! Then in 1973 it was lowered to 19 to buy beer and wine and still 21 to buy alcohol. Lastly in 1980 is was brought back up to 21 years of age for any kind of alcohol! There must have been good reason for this final change!

So, as so many of our kids Segway into “adulthood” and are now considered legal to drink, let’s take pause! Together let’s make sure these “adults” understand what it means to drink responsibly! Don’t drink and drive! Don’t be so drunk you don’t know what Uber you are getting into! Pace yourself and drink plenty of water! Be the best “adult” you can be!

Happy 21st Birthday my Sweet Daughter!

I Love You to the Moon and Back!


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