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End of Daylight Savings Time.....

Today is the day we have officially moved our clocks back one hour! Today is also the day when we will debate the pro’s and con’s to the changing of the clock! To this very day, I still find it all very fascinating and so strange at the same time! Why do we do this????

This debate goes all the way back to the 1800’s with Benjamin Franklin and the Railroads. The question of time and time zones began when the railroad was moving products and people across country. No one could decide whose time it was! A group of businessmen and scientists in 1883 came up with the four time zones (eastern, central, mountain and pacific).

From there Benjamin Franklin and few other lawmakers decided to shift the clocks for economic gains, it was quickly rejected until World War 1. In 1916 in an effort to cut energy costs Germany was the first to change it clocks and in 1918 the United States followed!

It is not true that we fall behind in the fall for the farmers or that we conserve energy when this happens. I believe, it is something we do because we have been doing it for over 100 years! Last year the United States tried to end this, Congress did not pass the bill in time!

So, what are the benefits of falling behind in the fall? Here are a few; you get an extra of hour sleep and who doesn’t want that! With the time change we will have consistent morning daylight! This will be great for early morning commuters and kids going to school! We will have more opportunities for outdoor activities in the morning!

Of course, we have to talk about the cons! It gets dark so early! Ugh! This can lead to not wanting to go out to socialize and participate in night time activities. This time change can also lead to mood changes, lack of productivity and sleep!

Let’s be real, this happens every year. We know what to expect and we need to be prepared! It’s all about how you decide to let this time change effect you! Don’t give into the change with a negative mindset! Get up early to see those amazing sunrises and take time to soak up some Vitamin D! Enjoy having more time to look up at the twinkling stars and planets and to see all of the beautiful lights of the city! When you really think about it, it’s all about your perspective!

*(there’s only 127 more days until we Spring Ahead) – Kind Reminder! LOL!

It’s National “How do I Change the Clock on my Microwave” Day


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