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Fall is Here!!

The signs of Fall have arrived! The leaves on the trees are starting to turn. There are mums in every shade of gold, purple and orange. Pumpkins are taking over the neighbors garden and Apples are ready to be picked! AHHH!! I love this time of year!

The Fall Season also brings much change! Changing from shorts to jeans, sandals to boots, tank tops to flannels and iced teas to pumpkin lattes! Change does not come easy to everyone. It can bring on anxiety, stress and being more tired! As I always like to say, it’s only a moment in time, enjoy it and try to tackle only one event at a time! Change can be a time for new beginnings, growth and fun!

One thing that will not change is Suzy’s Swirl! It will always be warm and friendly at Suzy’s Swirl! We will celebrate the change of the seasons with you! We are planning on Swirling Fall flavors of Red Apple, Cider Donut, Pumpkin and Espresso and more! Nothing sounds better then Swirling a Fall Cup at Suzy’s Swirl!

When the days start to get shorter and it gets a bit blustery out there, check out Suzy’s Swirl’s website and Facebook page for our in-store promotions! Let us relax together and enjoy a Fall Cup during this spectacular time of year! Happy Fall!


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