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FInding your Happy Place

Do have a Happy Place? Do you have a place that you can go to relax, a place that makes you happy as soon as you walk in, a place that makes you forget all the craziness going on at the moment?

There are people who say that when we feel stressed we should think of happy thoughts. They suggest we take a breath and try to think of a relaxing, stress free place. Picture yourself on a beach with the sun shining down on you, a warm breeze blowing and listening to the ocean rippling in and out! That’s relaxing! Do you remember the Calgon commercials for their bubble bath, “Calgon Take Me Away” was their tag line! These are all ways to relax and find your Happy Place.

Many of us may also have actual places that they like to go to that are their Happy Place! I love going to a Lake Bluff nursery called, Pasquesi’s . When I walk in, I am immediately hit with the smell of flowers and their very relaxing atmosphere! It’s a calm and beautiful store! Another Happy Place from me is Starbuck’s. I love how it smells and the relaxing vibe! Of course, my most Happy Place is Suzy’s Swirl! I walk into Suzy’s and it’s just happy! When you come to Suzy’s Swirl you just relax and enjoy being there! How can you not be happy there?

When I think of my 3 favorite Happy Places, they all relate to my senses and feelings! The smells, the colors, the feelings I get when I’m there all make them a Happy Place for me! Finding a Happy Place that simply gives our mind a break is vital to our mental health!

As we continue to move forward in 2021, I hope you find your Happy Place. A place that you can take a break, breath and relax! Your place may be walking to the lake, working in your garden, walking on the beach and of course coming to Suzy’s Swirl!

Whatever it might be – enjoy and relax!

Always find time for the things that make you feel happy to be alive!


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