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Happiness Is....

Happiness Is.... is a tag line at Suzy's Swirl! Providing happiness in the form of frozen yogurt is a key belief at Suzy's! I believe that Happiness Is.... is more than that! By creating a positive social environment, sense of connection, community involvement and of course delicious products bring Happiness to friends and family of all ages!

What is Happiness to you? Happiness is this rainy and cool Sunday morning when you can enjoy a hot latte! Happiness is summer vacation and no more homework! Happiness is getting your drivers license! Happiness is enjoying this lazy day, playing some good tunes and making a pot roast in the oven for Sunday Dinner, smells and sounds of your past! Finding joy in the everyday moments of life is Happiness!

Happiness is can also be setting goals for personal growth and finding your purpose in this life! Having a plan, managing your stress and practicing self care can all bring you happiness! I personally, have found that when I can look at my to do list, then really look at it again and decide what my top 3 priorities are it does bring me Happiness! What brings you Happiness?

I am late to the game, watching Ted Lasso, but this show has brought me Happiness! Here is a guy/show that resonates with so many people because of its humor, optimism and themes of kindness and self growth! Overall the show just brings Happiness to all that watch it!

As you begin your week I hope you find many moments of Happiness! It can be as easy as saying hi to a stranger, opening the door for the person in front of you, watching Ted Lasso or having Suzy's Swirl for dinner - YES, Suzy's Swirl for dinner!!

Don't Worry

Be Happy


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