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Happy 1st Birthday......

Last week I missed writing my blog because I was in California visiting my sons and their families! We celebrated an 11th Birthday and a 1st Birthday! It was a jammed packed trip filled with laughter, love and so much to be grateful for!

My Grandson JJ turned 1 at the end August! It made me stop and reminisce to my own kids 1st Birthdays! The first birthday is such a celebration of so many feelings and thoughts! First and foremost, you made it one whole year with this little human being! You want to celebrate with all of your friends and family who have supported you and helped you! It’s just so amazing how your little new born baby, who was such a puzzle to figure out, 12 months later is walking, laughing and is now considered a toddler! Life with a 1 year old is fun, sweet and tiring all at the same time!

One day it just happens, your child becomes a parent themselves! And with this, a new chapter opens up in your life of being a Grandparent! The anticipation of watching your child love their child fills your heart with such joy!

For me, being a Grandma to these sweet Grandkids is magical! I think most Grandparents would agree, that being a Grandparent is better than being a parent because you can give the kids back at the end of the day! LOL! It is so true! This year I will have the honor of being a Grandma to 5 beautiful grandchildren! WOW!!

Life is a wonderous journey, and watching your children become parents is a heartwarming chapter that brings tears of joy and so much love! From the first birthday to Grandparenthood, every milestone is a reminder of the beauty of life’s continuous cycle! I am going to cherish each and every moment, create meaningful memories and enjoy watching my children become parents to these amazing human beings!

As you think of how you want to celebrate a 1st Birthday or an 11th Birthday, let Suzy's Swirl help you with your celebration! Suzy's Swirl/Pucks Pub have an amazing Party Room for an indoor celebration! Suzy's Swirl also can create a delicious Cake, Pie or Individual Cups for your Party! Stressed spelled backwards is Desserts - let us take the stress out of your day!

So, whether you are celebrating a 1st Birthday, 11th Birthday or 100th Birthday – CELEBRATE each and every one with those you love!

Wishing You Nothing but Happiness Today and Every Day After!

Happy 1st Birthday!


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