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HAPPY Anniversary

Sundaes with Sue

Anniversaries are the recurrence of a date marking a notable event! I think we always first think of a Wedding Anniversary! Did you know the gift for a 1st year Wedding Anniversary is Paper or a Clock? Of course, most of us know that a 25th Wedding Anniversary or Silver Anniversary the gift would be Silver and a 50thWedding Anniversary or Golden Anniversary is Gold! A notable way to celebrate amazing dates!

This January 29th my parents would have celebrated 64 years of marriage! Unfortunately, they passed away over 20 years ago! Could you imagine being married to someone for 64 years?? To think that two people have spent more than half of their lives together! Oh, the wonderful things they have seen, as well as, the heart breaks too! It is a true blessing for those that have loved and survived each other for so many years!

Anniversaries can also be the date marking a new job, a new home or sadly, the death of a loved one, all are dates marking a notable event. The days go by so fast and suddenly you stop to look at the calendar or you get a google alert to remind you of a special date! No matter what the notable event might be, it’s important to stop and remember the dates meaning to you!

Just in case you were wondering, if you are lucky enough to be married 65 years, the gift for a 65th Wedding Anniversary is a Blue Sapphire!

Happy 64th Wedding Anniversary Mom and Dad!

May God Bless all of You on Your Special Anniversaries!


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