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Happy Birthday Suzy's Swirl.....

Suzy’s Swirl is going to turn 11 years old on August 2nd! These past 11 years have swirled by so fast! I have learned so much and I wouldn’t change a thing!

I have become a firm believer that everyone should experience working in a restaurant! Whether it be a fast casual or full-service establishment, give it a try! Why do I say this? I say this because, I believe, there is no other industry that allows you to learn so much about yourself and others!

Other than being a parent, I think, working in a restaurant is the hardest and most fulfilling job I’ve ever had! From the dish washer, server, bartender, cook, crew member and to the manager each position is vital to how smoothly the restaurant will run!

What can you learn about yourself working in a restaurant? Let me tell you…. You learn how to move with a sense of urgency, you learn how to think on your feet (literally always on your feet), you learn how to use your voice and talk to strangers, you build self-confidence and you always have an opportunity for growth within the restaurant!

What can you learn about others working in a restaurant? Let me tell you… You learn how to be a part of a TEAM, you learn how to deal with challenging customers and crew members, most importantly, great friendships are created with crew members and customers!

The list for all of this can go on and on. Working in a restaurant is an experience like no other! There is a job for you in a restaurant if you are 16 years old or 61 years old and every age in between! The life skills that you learn, the relationships that are created, the feelings of gratitude and empathy are endless!

Let me tell you…. Now when I go into a restaurant I have a better appreciation to the overall surroundings and experience! I am more understanding of my server and all that they have to do! I love sitting at a bar and watching the hustle and bustle to make all of the different drinks correctly! Overall, I am so appreciative to how hard every person works to create an amazing experience for each customer!

I want to thank each and every customer who has walked through the doors of Suzy’s Swirl! It is because of you, that our doors are still open and we get to Swirl Goodness, Greatness and Gratitude each and every day! I also want to thank each and every crew member that has worked at Suzy’s Swirl too! It is with your help, support and hard work that we have been in business for 11 years! As we always say “there is no I in TEAM”. It truly does take a TEAM to make this business work!

Happy 11th Birthday Suzy’s Swirl!

May this year be filled with cherished moments, fresh opportunities and tremendous success!

As always, filled with great family and friends!


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