Happy Easter

I know for so many of us this Easter is going to be so very different! I think it is what we do during this time of change that matters most!

I will be honest, during these past few weeks, my emotions have been a roller coaster! I have had days that I keep asking myself so many questions over and over in my head, that I get paralyzed by the disbelief! I have had other days where I feel strong and I can conquer the world, this Covid-19 is not taking me down! I have days of pure joy and pure sadness!

This Easter is going to have its challenges! I am trying to keep alive some of the traditions of Easter’s past too! We made Easter Pizza, it’s a family tradition! We will have some of the same food we always have, but with a twist! We will see family today, although, with great social distancing!

I know this is not how any of us wanted to celebrate Easter! My hope is that all of us remember the true meaning of Easter! I pray that we will be able to rise from our troubles, sadness and pain! I know that we will see and feel goodness, love and faith today and always!

The Great Gift of Easter is Hope!

Happy Easter and God Bless!


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