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Happy Easter!

I wish you all a Very Happy Easter this Sunday! I have so many Easter memories from when I was little! If you have sisters, how many of you were dressed in matching dresses, little white shoes with anklets and a cute purse and hat to complete the outfit? If you have brothers, they were always dressed in dress pants, a dress shirt tucked in with a plaid clip on tie! We all went to church and traveled to my grandparents home in Rockford! I loved being dressed up and everything matching - still do!!

The food we all enjoy on Easter is one of my favorites too! Do you remember having a glazed ham with slices of oranges and those tiny cloves stuck into the ham? When I was little my Grandma always made one of those Easter Jello's with canned fruit and coconut, I was not a big fan! When my kids were small I made an Easter Jello that was similar, but better, Orange Tapioca with mandarin oranges and whipped cream - yummy! Who doesn't love cheesy potatoes and hawaiian rolls to make the meal complete! My mouth is watering right now!

My husband's side of the family is Italian and every year my Mother and Father in law made a delicious Easter Pizza, filled with cheese, sausage, pine nuts and hard boiled eggs! Speaking of hard boiled eggs - I can remember dying eggs the night before Easter, my finger tips covered in food coloring and going to Church with colorful fingers! I'm sure we have all experienced not being able to find that last hard boiled egg that was hidden in such a great spot you didn't know where it was until it started to smell several weeks after Easter!

Easter is a time to pause and reflect on our blessings and new beginnings! I hope you and your family enjoy traditions of the past and create new memories this Easter! Enjoy the food, the company and the day! Happy Easter!

Easter is the only time when it's perfectly safe to put all of your eggs in one basket!

Evan Esar


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