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Happy Mother’s Day

For as long as I can remember I wanted to be a Mom! For me, I always imagined it would be my most rewarding job ever! I was blessed to become a Mom with my first daughter in 1989, a son in 1990, another son in 1993 and one more daughter in 1998. These four kids are my pride and joy!

When I first became a Mom, I was a young 27 year old. Like most first time parents, I read all of the parenting books, I listened to all of the advice of my parents and family and kept to a schedule. Then came the next three kids and all of that went out the window! LOL! With each child, I became more relaxed, more confident and more sure of what I was doing!

Being a Mom is both a rewarding and challenging job! Each age group, from newborn, toddler, teenager and grown children has both good days and bad days! I know when you are knee deep in diapers, bottles and sleepless nights it is normal to think that this is never going to end, I’ll never sleep through the night, but guess what – you will! You will get to sleep again through the night for about 13 years and then you have teenagers and you don’t sleep through the night again until you know everyone is home safely! Each stage is just a moment in time and a time that goes go by so fast!

If I could whisper a few tricks of the trade that I know now, to my younger self it would be, just breathe! Enjoy this time during each stage of my kid’s lives! I would tell my younger self to have more fun, laugh more and hug more! Always let them know how much you love them, always and forever! Most importantly, carve out some time for yourself!

I have been a Mom for 32 years now. My job description has changed over the years, but one thing that has never changed is that I’m still Jen, Joe, Jim and Julie’s Mom no matter what age they are! I look forward to enjoying this next chapter of being a Mom with my adult kids!

Happy Mother’s Day to every

Mom, Step Mom, Aunt, Grandma and Great Grandma!

Mothers are like glue. Even when you can’t see them, they’re still holding the family together.

Susan Gale


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