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Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all of the Mom's, Step-Mom's, Aunts, Grandma's, Great-Grandma's, Dad's who are Mom's, let's not forget those Mother's to Be too!!

I've been thinking alot this week about Mother's Day and all that it means! I think back to when I became a 1st time Mom 33 years ago! I was 27 years old and thought I knew so much about being a Mom! I had read books, I had gone to classes and I had watched my friends become Moms! All of it was thrown out the window the day I held my newborn baby girl!

I quickly realized I knew nothing about being a Mom! I wondered why the hospital thought it was ok to send this little peanut home with me and my husband! I started questioning everything, what if I don't feed her enough, what if I can't figure out her cries, what if I don't keep her warm enough, what if what if what if..... Then a bright light showed up on my doorstep - My Mom!

My Mom so kindly came and stayed with us for a few days after we came home with this little sweet baby! She helped me learn how to swaddle her, she made us dinner, she let me take much needed naps and she laughed and cried with me! Eventually my Mom had to leave and go back home! On that day too, I wondered why she thought it was ok to leave us with this baby girl! In my Mom's quiet and gentle way she gave me the confidence that I was going to be a great Mom, just like her!

Fast forward 33 years, my baby girl has a sweet son of her own, my oldest son will be a 1st time Dad in August and my youngest son will have 2 wonderful bonus kids when he marries in July and my youngest daughter is an amazing Aunt! I will become a Grandmother to four amazing grandchildren! Being a Mom is great, although, being a Grandmother is like nothing I've ever experienced! Watching your grown kids become parents is just something - there are no words, just happy tears!

This Mother's Day I will remember my Mom, I've missed her so very much these past 29 years! I do hear her voice coming out of my mouth frequently, haha! I hope on this day we can all take a moment and give thanks to all of our Mom's! Being a Mom is a day to day learning job, some days are better than others! If your Mom is no longer with you, do something you know she loved doing today! If your Mom is here, give her a hug, give her a call and let her know how much you love and appreciate her today

! If you have time and are in the area - stop into Suzy's Swirl and enjoy a sweet treat with your Mom!

There's no way to be a perfect Mom and a million ways to be a good one!

Happy Mother's Day!


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