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Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Early Valentine's Day! I personally really love Valentine's Day! This day celebrates my most favorite things - Flowers, Chocolates and the People I Love - what more does a girl need? Some people may think it is a made up Hallmark Holiday - even so - I still love it! I also like to reminiscence (such a strangely spelled word!) about this day when my kids were little! Do you recall your kids having

to make Valentine's Day boxes and decorating them with lace doilies? Do they even make those pretty doilies anymore? I think the only struggle was having my kids sign their name to those very little Valentine's Day Cards you bought at Walmart and trying not to rip them when you pulled them apart! I wouldn't trade any of those sweet memories for anything!

I would like to see Valentine's Day to be a day that celebrates love for all! Let's use this day to let our families, friends and strangers know how much you care about them! By strangers I mean your local grocery checker, postal delivery person, restaurant server and bus driver! Don't they all need a little love sent their way?! Don't forget your friends and family too! We get so busy and we assume our friends and family know how much you love them. It sure is nice to hear it, get a card and a box chocolates to actually show how much you love them!

This Valentine's Day wish all those around you a Happy Valentine's Day! Maybe, even if time allows, create a glittery gluey Valentine's Day card for someone special in your life or for the bus driver! Don't forget that we are all loved! We can see love in so many places and people, we just have to look!

All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt!

Charles M Schulz


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