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Holy Week 

Today marks the beginning of Holy Week amongst Christians. It is the week that commemorates the final week of Jesus walking on this Earth! It is a time that we are able to focus on what Jesus did for us.

Holy Week and Easter have been my favorite times of the year and holiday! Part of the reason is because I was born on Holy Thursday. Also, this time of year represents renewal, spring is in the year, trees are budding and tulips are starting to bloom! Easter is a reminder of hope and new life!

This year’s Holy Week and Easter will be very different! Churches are closed. There will be no Easter Egg Hunts. Families will be apart this Easter. Holy Week and Easter still need to go on! Let’s not let Covid-19 take this away from us too!

I think this Easter we can still continue our traditions! We can still color Easter Eggs, we can visit with loved ones via Face Time and/or Zoom, maybe even try a long lost recipe too!

We have so much to be grateful for this Holy Week and Easter! We need to continue and pray for all of the first responders, doctors, nurses, teachers, grocery store clerks and you and me! God Bless all of those that we have lost!

I wish you all a Blessed Holy Week and Happy Easter!

God Bless!


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