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Let the Summer Begin

Can you believe it is the beginning of June? The month of June is a time for celebrations! High School and College graduations, Weddings and of course Father’s Day! June is also the beginning of Summer Vacation for so many of us! What does your family do during Summer Vacation?

When my kids were younger, swimming lessons were always first on the list of our Summer Vacation plans! I do not know how to swim and I wanted to be sure my kids could save me if I fell into the water! Thank you Miss Donna for being such a great swimming teacher! Each summer we also went up to Eagle River, Wisconsin! We would rent a cabin, go fishing, tubing and take it easy! Just disconnect! I hope my kids have happy memories of their Summer Vacations!

It seems like the days are moving so fast and we are all so rushed! Summer Vacation is a time to slow down and relax! Take your shoes off and walk through the thick, cool, lush grass! Run through the sprinkler and color your sidewalks with sidewalk chalk! Try to have some chill days in the midst of all of the rushing around!

Don’t forget to make Suzy’s Swirl a part of your Summer Vacation plans too! We plan on Swirling Sensational Flavors for all of your celebrations! Suzy’s Swirl can be enjoyed at Suzy’s or ordered online to enjoy at your home!

Smell the sea and feel the sky. Let your soul and spirit fly.

Van Morrison


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