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Life in Review

Sundaes with Sue

These past few weeks at Suzy’s Swirl our team has been working on adding new content and updating our website! In reviewing all of our pictures and posts, so much has happened in 7 years!

I have been given the opportunity to ponder a few things, some personal some not! First and foremost, I will always have short hair, I’m not going to bother trying to grow it out, short hair is my thing! Now that that has been decided, I was reminded of so many other happenings at Suzy’s Swirl!

Our first group of Swirlers have graduated college and some have moved onto grad school! We have hosted so many FUNdraisers for our community! We were on Chicago’s Best with Brittany Payton for our Big Joe eating challenge! (You can still see the interview and challenge on our Facebook page). We have had numerous Girl Scout Troops earn their Small Business and Entrepreneur Badge! There is so much more to come in 2019!

We all get so busy in our day to day life! Every now and then it’s healthy to stop and reflect on our relationships, our lives both personal and professional. When we stop to reflect it helps us provide insights into where we are going and who we want to be traveling with!


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