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Love is in the Swirl-The Big joe challenge

Suzy’s Swirl is excited to announce our annual Big Joe Challenge will be taking place on Saturday March 6th! Some may be asking, “What is The Big Joe Challenge and how can I participate?” Let me give you the background about this amazing challenge!

The Big Joe Challenge is a Suzy’s eating challenge. This challenge is our way to raise money and awareness for the American Heart Association. We challenge you to consume 64 ounces of Swirling deliciousness and 8 ounces of toppings in a mere 20 minutes all for a $20.00 entry fee that will be donated to the American Heart Association!

This challenge is in memory of my husband, Joe. Joe unexpectedly passed away from cardiac arrest while mowing the grass on a warm sunny Saturday morning in October! Joe loved his family more than anything, enjoyed sharing his love of the outdoors with his kids and was a loyal friend to many!

At our last Big Joe Challenge in March of 2019, we had 3 exceptional customers complete the challenge in less than 20 minutes! We had many others that happily attempted the challenge that day too! Due to the complications of our current pandemic, we will have more details very soon if the challenge will be virtual or in person! The Suzy’s Swirl goal for 2021 is to raise $3000.00

Our winner this year will receive (1) years’ worth of Suzy’s Swirl, a flavor named after them for 30 days at Suzy’s Swirl, a donation made to the American Heart Association in their name! You can also, Buy a Heart to Save a Heart for yourself or a loved one too! There will be many other fun activities happening at Suzy’s leading up to March 6th!

It’s important to know how to prevent Cardiac Arrest too! Eat a Healthy Diet, for the sake of your heart you should avoid foods that are oily, high in cholesterol, sugary and high in carbohydrates. Stay active and exercise. If needed, lose some weight. Reduce your stress (not easy). Stop using tobacco and reduce your alcohol intake.

The passing of Joe rocked our world! We had the choice to crumble or pick up the pieces and make Joe proud. We have put the pieces of our lives back together and have definitely made Joe proud! But, there will always be a big piece missing, that never changes!

All of us at Suzy’s Swirl are looking forward to celebrating Joe, The Big Joe Challenge and raising money for the American Heart Association!

You Have a Big Heart – Take Care of It

American Heart Association


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