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Oh, what a beautiful Day!

Oh, what a beautiful day today! I’m able to sit outside and watch the leaves gently glide to the ground and I’m reminiscing about these past 10 months and the next 3 months to go!

January 1st, 2020 seems like it was years and years ago! We started the year with so many hopes and dreams! So many of us made resolutions to lose weight, eat healthier, spend more time with family and the list goes on and on! Little did we know that 3 shorts months later we would be quarantined with our families and literally spending every minute of every day together! Be careful for what you wish for! LOL!

Here we are on October 11th enjoying the beautiful day! For our friends and family on the west coast we are hoping and praying that the wild fires are coming to end. For those in the south we are hoping and praying that the hurricanes will be less and less. Every day we hope and pray for better numbers in regards to Covid-19 and a vaccine soon!

As we near the November 3rd Presidential election, I hope and pray for peace and understanding. It would be great to see more civility and more bipartisan efforts amongst those who are running for office. Also, amongst those on Facebook, Instagram and in the grocery store line! We are the United States of America for goodness sake!

On this beautiful day, I hope all of us can get outside, enjoy the falling leaves and all of the signs of falls! There is a change in the air and I hope and pray it is a hopeful and blessed change coming!

“Give every day the chance to become the most beautiful day of your life”

Mark Twain


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