There’s something beautiful about waking up to the birds chirping and the wind blowing the leaves on the trees. It’s a gentle and peaceful way to start the day! Oh how lucky are we to be breathing in such good clean air!

It’s these small things that I hope we don’t take for granted! Our calendars are starting to get full once again! Outdoor concerts, little league baseball games, car shows, airports are crowded and list goes on and on!

Here’s the big question? How do we keep the simplicity of a year ago? Last year the highlight of the day was taking a walk around the block as a family! We’d wave hello to our neighbors and keep on walking! Simple times!

So now we have to navigate merging those two ways of life into a new normal way of living! Let’s try not to over schedule our kids with activities, let’s still take the time to make homemade bread with our kids, plant new flowers and herbs in our garden and still make it to those baseball games!

Oh what a beautiful morning! Enjoy the sound of the birds chirping and the wind blowing! It sounds silly, let’s not forget to stop and smell the roses! We’ve been given this opportunity to make changes in our lives for the better! Life goes by so fast, let’s enjoy it one day at a time!

May your day be filled with good thoughts, kind people and happy moments.

Good Morning!


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