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One More Nice Day Might Do Me In.

Is it just me, or is it too cold out here? Last Friday, February 9th, was perfect: a high of almost 60 degrees! I wore shorts and took a walk around the Lake Forest College campus. My family and I even ate our frozen yogurt cups outside! Flash forward to this weekend, where we’re already back to just 12 degrees, and the weather app is telling me it feels like -1000.

In a circumstance like this, when the weather is colder than I’d like and the hot days which grace an otherwise chilling February seem too short to appreciate, I see myself as having two options. 

Firstly, I could choose to grow a little more bitter about our lovely state of Illinois, which possesses a magical and infuriating preference for devilishly freezing winters over its sweet, sweet summers. I could see last week’s nice day as a tantalizing taste, intended by fate to keep me from fleeing to Florida or California, and I could shamble on trying to shake the cold.


I could see the warmth of last Friday as a refreshing respite, the catalyst I needed to carry me through to future thawing. I can be resilient and notice the recent niceness as a sign of soft seasons to come. Heck, I’ve had so much Frozen Happiness recently (the ol' chocolate cup with crushed Reese's) that my bones are as cold as anything outside! Bring it on! What’s a few more days of praying my car would warm up faster?

Plus, there’s a definite upside to temperatures below 15 degrees. 

At that point, the frozen treats I look forward to will technically begin to warm me up!

“People don't notice whether it's winter or summer when they're happy.”

Anton Chekhov


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