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Panic turns to Peace and Fear turns to Faith!

I woke up this morning listening to the birds chirping and the sun is shining! It appears like any other Sunday! Then I turn on the tv and I am reminded that this is not like any other Sunday! This is the 1st Sunday of our Shelter in Place through April 7th.

I have had many moments of panic and fear, as my family can attest too! I’m just not good with the unknown! There is still so much uncertainty with this Covid-19. Even with all of my questions, I still have to plan and think about the future!

Before Covid-19 you could walk into any grocery store to get lettuce, eggs and toilet paper. Currently with Covid-19 lettuce, eggs and toilet paper are now considered luxury items!

As I shelter in my home, I must take pause and give thanks to all of the grocery store employees who are working so hard to keep their shelves full! I give thanks to all of the restaurants who are trying their hardest to continue to feed us and keep their kitchens open! I give thanks to all of the doctors, nurses and hospital workers taking care of the sick!

All of these day to day things that we took for granted before Covid-19 we no longer can! I like so many of you, do not know how long this way of life is going to last! I still have so many questions about our future! What I know I can do today is to help my neighbors, family and friends in any way I can. I can continue to support my local restaurants! Above all else, I will turn my Panic into Peace and my Fear into Faith!

May God Bless us All


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