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Patience and Perseverance

Patience is defined as being able to accept or tolerate delay, trouble or suffering without getting angry or upset. Perseverance is defined as persistence in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success. Patience and Perseverance are two words we are living by these days!

The practice of Patience is not easy for most! Our world, our lives do not work on the premise of being Patient! We want things done now and we want to see results now! I think that’s why this Covid-19 is so frustrating! We want to know everything about Covid-19 now, we want to know when we can go back to work now, we want better testing now, we want a vaccine now! These are not unfair or unrealistic questions! Unfortunately, we don’t know the answers to all of our questions and all we can do is be Patient! Patience is a true virtue!

During this Covid-19 I know we will all Persevere during these difficult times! Our world, our lives need to continue to move forward despite Covid-19. Moving forward will require thinking and doing things differently! I too, have a College Senior graduating this year! Her graduation will be different, although, we will figure out a new way and probably an even better way to celebrate Julie’s success! I know my family is not the only family trying to navigate through this! We have to Persevere!

Many of us thought this inconvenience of sheltering in place was going to be 2 weeks or so! It has moved onto many, many more weeks! Now is when we have to dig deeper into our Patience and Perseverance to hang in there for the long hall! Not only do we need to find a new way to run our homes, many of us will find a new way to run our businesses too! Fine dining restaurants are turning into upscale liquor stores! Local pizza restaurants are turning into food banks. Many restaurants are now offering curbside pickup and online ordering only! Everyone is working a little differently now! Making sure everyone stays safe! It takes Patience and Perseverance to make this happen!

Suzy’s Swirl is excited to announce that we will be opening very soon for curbside pickup, online ordering and delivery! We are taking every precaution to keep our crew and customers safe! We look forward to Swirling Cups, Pints and Exciting Celebration Kits too! Stay updated on more details to come on the Suzy’s Swirl Facebook and Website!

We will get through this! We need to continue to be patient, understanding, compassionate and kind with each other! Do not give up hope! We will be better and stronger at the end of this! Be Patient and Persevere!

See you Soon!

#Suzy’s Swirl


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