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Practicing the Discipline of Thankfulness

It is hard to believe that it is July 25th! In five short months it will be Christmas! What!!! Yes, Christmas is five short months away! As I reflect on these past sixteen months from March 17th 2020 to today July 25th 2021 the word Thankful best describes how I feel!

There have been so many gut wrenching horror stories of how this pandemic tore apart families, ruined businesses and left us helpless. I am one of those Thankful people who didn’t lose anyone to the virus, no one in my family lost their job and we have had the good fortune to once again see each other in person!

I continue to give thanks to the amazing customers, friends and family who supported Suzy’s Swirl and other local small businesses during this pandemic! I know it feels like things are getting back to our “new normal”, however, many of us are still struggling both personally and professionally! From crazy food shortages, parts for equipment shortages and the never ending employee shortages, many are still struggling! To all of this, you add the personal stress this pandemic has washed over many of us and we are tired!

Through all of this, the word Thankful comes into focus over and over again! Thankfulness needs to flow freely from your heart to your lips, let your gratitude flow to all of those around you! See how many times you can thank those around you and it will awaken your senses to all of the blessings around you! We want to get back to “normal” we are not there yet. Very much Thankful for where we are, but there is still so much work that needs to be done!

As we enter into the next five months let’s continue to be Thankful! Thankful our kids are able to go back to school in person, Thankful we will be able to celebrate the holidays together in person and Thankful that we continue to stay healthy! Everything may not be perfect! If we just take a moment, take a breath, there is so much to be Thankful for!

Thank You for Your Support!

God gave you a gift of 86,400 seconds today. Have You used one to say “Thank You?”

William Arthur Ward


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