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Pray for Peace

You have to be living under a rock if you haven't seen the Women, Mother's and Children walking away from their homes in Ukraine! They are actually walking, carrying a backpack or suitcase with whatever will fit in it! How do they decide what is important and what stays? If someone said to you right now, you will be leaving your home forever and you have one hour to fill this backpack with whatever you need or want and then you have to go! What do you bring?? This is all so crazy!!

Then you have those inspiring and courageous people who decide to stay and fight for their country! People who still get up every day, go to work carrying weapons and then go home to a bunker for the night! Just think if the state of Wisconsin decided to take over the state of Illinois! I know this sounds impossible! Would you stay and defend your home and your state or would you grab your kids and flee to another safe state?

This war is just not effecting those in Russia, Ukrainia, Poland and surrounding countries! It is effecting the entire world - it is effecting you and me!! It is the trickle down effect of how wars touch us all! The price of gas and groceries going up once again! First it was due to a supply chain shortage and covid and now it is because of the war! The world was just turning the corner on covid-19 and now we have to worry about what is happening in Ukraine!

At times, I raise my hands in the air and say enough is enough! This must all end! Then I calmly put my hands together and pray! I pray for peace! This all needs to stop! Our world has been torn apart for the past two years! The anxiety, stress, monetary burden, the loss of life.... it has to stop! You may not be able to give to an organization or know of one that is legitimate to help those in the Ukraine but

you can pray! Pray may seem silly or useless, it really isn't! Together the power of pray can move mountains! Today, let us all pray for peace!

Grace, mercy, and peace be will be with us....


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