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Schools Out for the Summer!

Schools out for the summer and it couldn't happen one minute sooner! My children are all out of school now, although, I do have grandchildren still in the school system! I don't know about you, I think this has been a long school year!

The 2021-2022 school year started with wearing masks and so many covid protocols in place. There was still so much uncertainty and confusion on social distancing, how does a school handle an outbreak of covid, would there be days when your kids would be learning from home and would our kids ever be able to show their entire face! It was a stressful beginning of the school year!

As the school year continued and Covid vaccines

were made available to teenagers, the Covid protocols changed and schools were beginning to create their new normal! Not only was this new normal happening in schools, it was happening all over our country! Face mask restrictions were being lifted, social distancing was no longer all we talked about and the plastic dividers started coming down!

It is with patience, understanding and lots of deap breathes that we have made it through another school year! It is also with deep sadness, as we must not forget, that 19 little children and 2 teachers died in Uvalde, Texas at a school shooting. These families will be planning the unimagiable vs celebrating the end of this school year! Hug your little ones!

As this school year comes to an end, thank your kids teachers for keeping them safe, for loving them like they were their own and teaching them each and every day! Our teachers really are Super Hero's who wear so many different capes!

For most, school is out for the summer! I hope you enjoy the simple things this summer! Catching fire flies, making s'mores, sprinklers, fishing trips and of course visiting Suzy's Swirl!

Trust me when I say, your kids are growing up so fast! Take this time to slow things down, have some fun and enjoy this summer!

"Summertime is always the best of what might be." Charles Bowden


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